Full Circle Supply
Round Trip Transparency


Lack of supply chain visibility makes it difficult for suppliers to prove that their products are authentic, add value and should command a premium. Consequently, they lose money daily due to low buyer and consumer trust around quality, environmental, and ethical standards.

  • 15% total revenue is lost on inefficient data silos by companies using supply chains
  • 30% of consumers question product origin
  • $450 billion is lost in counterfeit clothing annually
  • $1.82 trillion total brand counterfeiting globally by the year 2020


tr8ce is an easy-to-implement, low cost, secure and efficiently distributed supply chain traceability application. It provides a co-ordinated approach across producers, merchants, logistics, and consumers.

  • Proves legitimacy and quality of products
  • Lessens or eliminate errors and fraud
  • Improves transparency and traceability
  • Creates new business opportunities

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